Highly Scalable Enterprise Blockchain

TRANCAR provides the only scalable and decentralized blockchain framework capable of over 1 million transactions per second

Pioneer in high-speed blockchain technology capable exceeding 1 million transactions per second, all on chain. TRC is also the creator of the BlockCard™ a crypto debit card enabling card holders to spend their cryptocurrency.


100% Decentralized

TRC has the flexibility to be able to run within both a permissioned and open environment based on the use-case.

100% Verified

Our revolutionary proprietary technology has been third-party verified for security and rated at over 1 million transactions.

Secure + Flexible

In a world where hacking is prevalent, security is critical for any infrastructure. Lexicon utilizes a BFT algorithm to encrypt and secure all transactions.

100% On-Chain

Our team has worked tirelessly to hold to the belief that on-chain decentralization is critical to the future of blockchain.


In order to provide a blockchain framework that can be utilized extensively and seamlessly, Lexicon is capable of 1 million transactions per second.

Available Now

Lexicon can be applied to any enterprise business. Request A Demo above to learn more how our revolutionary technology can apply to your organization or industry.


Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can manage every thing. See the reason why you should try our platform.

Anti-spam role

Prevent users with malicious intentions from flooding the network (DDoS attack)

Low-cost Fee

Send TRC token to other wallet & account with almost no cost

Extremely Fast

Transactions on the decentralized network resolve in 2-5 seconds

Stellar Based Technology

Most powerful decentralization system compared to another platform


One Blockchain Framework For Every Industry

The reality is that a single blockchain ledger cannot hold all of the world’s data and still be fully decentralized. This is not the case today, and will not be the case in the future.


One Framework For Every Blockchain

One blockchain framework. Unlimited potential.

By creating a single blockchain framework that is capable of meeting all of the needs of every industry, Lexicon is set to transform the world as we know it. Lexicon is set to change the way that we look and think about blockchain and how it is used in our daily lives.


September, 2018
Project Start
TRC Tokens are created on Stellar Blockchain and become part of the Stellar Ecosystem. Stellar Blockchain was chosen because it has high speed in processing transactions, low transaction fees, managed by non-profit organizations and has strong fundamental system.
September, 2018
February, 2019
TRC Community
The socialization phase began by building TRC Community Pilot Project which aims to test and measure the effectiveness of the strategies that we have planned. 
February, 2019
April, 2019
The Apps
The making of TRC Apps will start. In application to Travel sites and recommendation, Transportation's, Hotel's, Social media, Bank and online payment.
April, 2019
May, 2019
Beta Testing and Airdrop
There will be airdrop within the apps, that will given accordingly to the user behavior in the apps. Such as promoting travel-site's, good rated in social media, etc.
May, 2019
June, 2019
The Commerce
TRC will implemented with offline store to receive TRC Token as payment based on Stellar Blockchain. First Initiation will be at the most highest travel recommendation by user's, followed accordingly with more locations.
June, 2019


James K. Belcher

Business Operations

Elizabeth H. Choi

Blockchain Development

Steven C. West

Marketing Advisor

Mark N. Lawson

Web Development

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